Present and engage your audience with a professional webcast

Thor Productions provides professional live video streaming productions in the greater Sydney area and across NSW.

We offer creative live video streaming services with TV quality broadcast cameras. These can be Zoom meetings, single webcasts to social media platforms or multi camera streaming video presentations to dedicated secure online platforms. Our friendly camera operators have all extensive television experience and make sure your HD webcast will look professional.
You can choose the location. We can provide studio spaces with green screen facilities or come to your workplace for a remote video stream set-up.  We live stream HD vision from outdoor venues, offices, conferences, conventions, briefings, sporting and theatrical events. In addition to the cameras’ live vision we can integrate slide presentations, logos and holding slides or superimpose titles onto the online video stream. The video stream can afterwards be turned into an on-demand video.

Live video streaming

We provide TV broadcast quality video streams

  • on ZOOM meetings
  • on free platforms like Facebook Live
  • on paid platforms like VIMEO
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Example: Facebook Live

We stream events as they happen from small webinars to webcasts with live audiences.
The camera’s HD vision can also be recorded at the source and used afterwards for on-demand videos.
Here is an example.
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Streaming video packages

Our streaming packages can be customised to suit your requirements.
No event is too small. We make sure you will look your best!
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How it works

We’ll help you plan your video project from start to finish, no matter how small or large your project is.
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Video conferencing and streaming platforms

Thor Productions’ high quality live video streaming packages can lift your next audio-visual presentation to a higher level.

We can improve your on-camera presentation when using video conferencing software like Zoom or GoToMeeting. That’s achieved by switching your webcam’s signal with our professional broadcast camera’s video feed. We also switch your computer’s mic with our wireless microphones for perfect in-sync audio-visual streams.
During the conference your computer’s camera signal will look very different from an ordinary webcam. Further more, the operator behind the camera can zoom and pan when appropriate to support your presentation. By adding extra lighting where necessary, we make sure you will look your best on the video stream.

We offer HD video streams to free platforms like Facebook Live or YouTube. Those internet platforms are ideal for low budget events or streams directed at a very large audience. They generally provide a stable quality video stream to all sort of devices. However, the service offers very little control. This loss of control applies to the reach (it can not be restricted to a certain audience) as well as to the content. It’s important to know that you hand over the ownership of the video feed to the streaming platform. There is also no human interaction at this level. Instead you are dealing with algorithms. This can lead to a sudden interruption in the feed, e.g. if the platform assumes a possible copyright infringement within the audio-visual content. We are able to advise on how to best approach those live streams.

Paid platforms give a certain degree of control to your webcast. Depending on the type and level of the platform used, the webcast can be directed to your own website. We can further adjust the look of the video player according to your brand colours and restrict access to the webcast via password entry.
Other options include ways to capture attendee names and emails, provide detailed audience engagement statistics and control chat functions and timings for Q and A.

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Webcasts and live video streaming

Online event streaming can be a cost effective solution to reduce travel costs or opening up the event to a much larger audience, whether it is for internal communications or a customer related event. We can advice you on the best and most cost effective ways to stream your event live.
Example: ‘Facebook Live’ video stream

Australia for UNHCR “World Refugee Day Breakfast 2019″, partly streamed as ‘Facebook Live’ video feed – extract duration 5’48”

Fundraising breakfast event

  • 1 experienced camera operator
  • 2 HD broadcast cameras
  • 1 camera’s video signal encoded and streamed to ‘Facebook Live’

Footage from both cameras was made available to client immediately after the event enabling fast post production.

“Thanks for your work at the breakfast last Friday. As always, it’s so nicely shot and looks great. The two camera coverage plus your smooth moves on camera 1 made the panel discussion so easy to cut.”
Laura Zusters

Australia for UNHCR

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Streaming video packages

All our live streaming video packages can easily be customised to suit your needs. Here are a few examples out of our range. They include everything to get your event to the streaming platform. The “1 op / 1 cam + FaceB-Live” package comes with one operator that can either use the camera to follow your presenter while one of your team members monitors the stream or the operator locks of the shot and takes care of the stream for you. Of course, the stream can instead be directed to a different platform like YouTube, Twitch, Uscreen or Vimeo.

We offer optional customised editing packages for on-demand videos.
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How to plan a live streaming event

Step 1 Pre-Production

We meet with you and discuss your requirements and streaming goals. We advice on best way forward for your individual case taking into consideration the level of production in regards to the location of the event, the duration of the actual webcast and the entire event.
Other elements to consider are the number of presenters, number of online attendees and the live streaming features like privacy settings, polls, graphic overlays and chat options.

Step 2 – The live event

We approach each webcast with the same rigour that we would use for any commercial event. The fact that it will be streamed live is just one of the elements required to achieve the best possible result.
Our crew will set-up at the location and provide all technical equipment to provide the best possible video and audio. This includes lighting the set and making sure your presenters look their best.

Step 3 – Video on Demand

Following the webcast and depending on the platform you chose, you will be provided with audience engagement reports. If required the recording of the event can be edited before it gets uploaded to your video host.
We capture the event with broadcast quality HD cameras. We record the program feed as it goes online but also record in camera back-ups which gives you more freedom when it comes to editing your footage for purposes that go beyond an archival copy of the webcast.

 We would love to get involved with your next live video streaming project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.