Event videos

Filming your events is an effective way to increase their reach. We can help by providing high quality recordings, professionally produced event videos or live webcasts.
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Corporate videos

A great video tells more than a thousand words! Tell your story with a combination of interviews, background video and animation.
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Documentaries / TV

We are experts in the art and craft of visual storytelling, bringing your story alive with quality camera work and cinematography.
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Web / Social media

In today’s competitive social media and web landscape, high quality, professionally produced videos can help your organisation and brand stand out.
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Case Studies

Here you will find some background information about some of our projects and how they came about.
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Event videos

Thor Productions offers a range of packages to cover events. We are experts in providing affordable professional camera work.

Australia for UNHCR

Extract “2018 World Refugee Day Breakfast” 3’51″
Streamed as Facebook Live feed

University of Sydney

The United States Studies Centre

Extract “Walter Robinson” 2’02”


Highlight video

“Natterbox Exchange 2020″ 1’24”

Corporate videos

We can also help with training videos, videos for media releases (VNR and b-roll) and green screen videos. Green screen videos can help to tell your story without the barriers of location.

Our flexible production options work well for large and smaller organisations. Videos are produced in HD quality and can be easily adapted for multiple uses, including web video, DVD and Blue Ray disks.

Multicultural NSW

From “Regional Advisory Councils” 2’40”

Taronga Zoo

Extract from an educational video, Sydney 1’32″


Extract from “Operations Sydney” 1’24”

Documentaries, TV and current affairs

Thorsten Joses is an experienced Director of Photography and cameraman and a member of the Australian Cinematographer Society (ACS). His ability to translate a story to visuals, attention to detail and ability to improvise create powerful narratives.

ABC News

“Baby Proms – Nutcracker” 3’29”
Author: Stephanie Boulet

‘Reporters’, DW

“Vanuatu after the Cyclone” 12’07″
Author: Dieter Herrmann

‘Tatoo Nation’

From the footage that was shot for a documentary.

Web videos / Social media videos

We work with advertising agencies and businesses to help them tell a compelling story for broadcast, the web or social media.

University of Sydney

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Extract from a film about the Jazz department 3’40”

‘Andrew’s Story’

Extract from YouTube video 1’22”

Professional Practice Academy

Extract from: “A place to go for participants and service providers” 2’44”

Case studies

Please use the links beneath the individual videos to review the full case studies.


DW Reporters “Vanuatu after the Cyclone” 12’07”

Two person interview

Extract from “Kengo Kuma, Dr Erieta Attali” 2’41”

Orchestra Recording

Extract from George Palmer’s “Breaking the Silence” 0’50”

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