Increase your audience with event videos

Thor Productions is based in Sydney and available for event video production in the greater Sydney area and across NSW.

We provide expert videographers and camera operators with suitable HD cameras for webcasting & live video streaming at conferences, conventions, briefings, sporting and theatrical events. We produce archival recordings, highlight videos, provide cameras for IMAG (image magnification) projection as well as large live-mix productions with several cameras. Our small footprint allows us to operate in a cost-effective way, without the overheads of large production houses.


We understand our clients needs and provide:

  • Professional advice and high quality work
  • Friendly personnel that is accustomed to corporate conduct
  • Fast turnaround times for recordings and highlight videos
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Streaming solutions

We stream events as they happen from small webinars to webcasts with live audiences.
You might be amazed how reliable and affordable live streaming can be.
Let us help you reach a larger audience!
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Event video packages

Our event packages suit a range of scenarios, including live events and highlight videos.
No event is too small. Check out our conference packages below!
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Avoid video pitfalls

We provide peace of mind!
Your production will benefit from our professional team, expertise and equipment.
Thor Productions crew members are insured and the equipment fully complies with Australian safety standards.
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Our event video services include:

  • Conference filming and highlight videos, please see packages below
  • Multi camera set-ups for bigger events with large audiences
  • Live broadcasting, like providing camera feeds for webcasts (e.g. Facebook Live) in a cost-effective way
  • Filming panel discussions and lectures
  • Filming musical and theatrical events
  • Recording training events, for example in-house training sessions or media training
  • Webinar productions

Example: Multi-camera live event

On-demand video from “The Victor Code” 5’29

TV Show style video production

  • 4 HD cameras
  • 3 experienced camera operators
  • 4 people panel discussion (host and 3 guests)
  • Live audience participation
  • Vox pops interviews following event conclusion

Due to venue restrictions Thor Productions provided the entire video set-up including stage lighting and the AV for the live audience within 2 hours prior to the start of the event.

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Webcasts and streaming solutions

Online video streaming has seen a massive rise in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Webcams are now omnipresent. However, with the ever increasing numbers of streams it makes a lot of sense to stand out by providing a quality visual presentation.

Our webcast camera services cover all sorts of online video streams. To name a few, utilising a professional camera at a ZOOM meeting, facilitating a Facebook Live stream or running a large event with multiple live-switched cameras.

We specialise in high quality camera services and make sure your presenters will always look and sound their best.
This means we will provide everything that is required to do the recording at the location, including professional lighting and will provide the encoder link for the live vision to be connected to a computer.

You can choose the location. We can provide studio spaces with green screen facilities or come to your workplace for a remote video stream set-up.

The live video stream will always be recorded and can immediately be made available for on-demand videos. On top of that we can use the original full quality in-camera records to edit compelling videos.

Our online streaming packages are available from only $1150.
We can tailor our service to the level of engagement your project requires.

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Conference video packages

Our event video packages can be fully customised to suit your needs. Here is our starting range. The most popular out of those is the “1 op / 2 cams” package. It includes one operated camera and a second locked off camera, normally a wide shot. The second camera improves your audience’ engagement. This is particular important if you are planning to create on-demand videos of your event. Adding additional cameras is often the most cost effective way to greatly increase your production value.

Customise your event

We can live switch multiple cameras during your event and integrate your presenter’s PowerPoint slide feed if desired. All of this is easily recorded simultaneously which has the added bonus that it reduces editing times greatly.
This service can be added to any event package as it is already available with a single camera operator.
We offer editing packages for archival videos, on-demand videos and highlight videos.

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High quality event video

Our experienced crew will ensure your event video will look great and you can let your venue operators know that we comply with Australian safety standards. All our equipment is electrically tagged and we carry a public liability insurance covering $20.000.000.

HD cameras that are best suited for your event

We use large sensor cameras for highlight videos that can handle low light situations very well.
Our professional camera operators use broadcast quality cameras with dedicated long lenses that can smoothly follow even your most active stage presenters and produce flicker-free HD video streams.

Professional event audio

Bad sound can ruin any video footage. 
We make sure you get clear professional audio in sync with your video.

Event lighting

We can provide additional lighting to make your presenters look their best;
from small portable battery lights for fast vox pops to distant stage lighting.

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