Increase your audience with event videos

Thor Productions is based in Sydney and available for event video production in the greater Sydney area and across NSW.

We provide expert videographers and camera operators with suitable HD cameras for conferences, conventions, briefings, webcasts, sporting and theatrical events. We produce archival recordings, highlight videos, provide cameras for IMAG (image magnification) projection as well as large live-mix productions with several cameras. Our small footprint allows us to operate in a cost-effective way, without the overheads of large production houses.


We understand our clients needs and provide:

  • Professional advice and high quality work 
  • Friendly personnel that is accustomed to corporate representation
  • Fast turnaround times for recordings and highlight videos
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Event video packages

Our event packages suit a range of scenarios, including live events and highlight videos.
No event is too small. Check out our small event packages below!
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Live streaming

We stream events as they happen from small webinars to webcasts with live audiences.
You might be amazed how affordable live streaming can be.
Let us help you reach a larger audience!
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Event video info

We provide peace of mind!
Our expertise will help you to avoid some common pitfalls.
Your production will benefit from our professional team, expertise and equipment.
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Our event video services can include:

  • Small events, please see packages below
  • Large events
  • Live events, for example providing broadcast camera vision for webcasts (e.g. Facebook Live) in a cost-effective way
  • Panel discussions and lectures
  • Musical and theatrical events
  • Training events, for example filming in-house training sessions or media training
  • Webinars
  • Any other events to suit your requirements

Multi-camera event

Highlight video from “The Victor Code” 5’29

This project included:

  • One pre-production meeting at location
  • 4 cameras on set during the event

Thor Productions provided all video equipment including additional lighting and organised the AV for the live audience.

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Small event video packages

Our event video packages can be fully customised to suit your needs. In our range for smaller events the most popular is the “1 op / 2 cams” package. It includes one operated camera and a second locked off camera, normally a wide shot. The second camera benefits greatly any production that might require an edit after the actual event.

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Webcasts and live streaming

Live event video streaming can be a cost effective solution to reduce travel costs or opening up the event to a much larger audience, whether it is for internal communications or a customer related event. We can advice you on the best and most cost effective ways to stream your event live.

Facebook Live streaming video

Australia for UNHCR “World Refugee Day Breakfast 2019″, partly streamed as Facebook Live feed – extract duration 5’48”

This project included:

  • One pre-production meeting
  • Two cameras on set during the event

The main camera provided the Facebook Live feed. Footage from both cameras was made available to client immediately after the event.
Tailored package used (1 op / 2 cams plus FaceB-Live).

“Thanks for your work at the breakfast last Friday. As always, it’s so nicely shot and looks great. The two camera coverage plus your smooth moves on camera 1 made the panel discussion so easy to cut.”

Laura Zusters

Australia for UNHCR

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High quality event video

Our experienced crew will ensure your event video will look great and you can let your venue operators know that we comply with Australian safety standards. All our equipment is electrically tagged and we carry a public liability insurance covering $20.000.000.

Broadcast quality event cameras

We provide well suited HD cameras depending on your type of event. We can overcome low light situations and master technical challenges like flickering room lights or projector screens.

Professional event audio

Bad sound can ruin any event footage, so we make sure you get clear professional audio in sync with your video.

Event lighting

We can provide additional lighting to make your presenters look their best; from small portable battery lights for fast vox pops to full stage lighting.

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