Panasonic P2 HD broadcast cameras

Panasonic broadcast cameras are some of the most versatile modern cameras available. Based on 1/3″ sensors, they allow cost effective productions while offering high quality 4:2:2 colour sampling. That’s a big advantage when the footage needs to be colour corrected in post production or chroma keying (green screen) is required. The P2 mxf files can be easily converted to mpg4, mov or other formats.

Our P2 cameras offer wireless audio, exchangeable lenses and can be combined with a teleprompter.

Panasonic AG-HPX250 and AG-HPX372 cameras

Full SDI-Out (HD/SD video with embedded audio)

Synchro Shutter (used to eliminate flicker with lights or projection screens)

Timecode In/Out (great for multi camera recordings)

Same chip set (allows for consistent image looks across all cameras)

Time Lapse and Slow Motion (20-Step Variable Frame Rate between 2 frames and 10 minutes)

Exchangeable lenses (used with professional zoom remotes for smooth camera operation)

Multi-Format (1080/60i/50i/25p/24p, 720/60p/50p/30p/25p/24p, 576/50i/25p, 480/60i/30p/24p)

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4K quality stabilised video

Thor Productions offers different options to achieve stabilised smooth vision.
3 axis gimbal stabilisation

The ‘DJI Osmo’ stabilisation system allows smooth handheld motion video, similar to Steadicam applications but with a much smaller footprint. The camera captures vision up to 4K resolution and operates very quietly. This set-up is very quickly assembled and provides a great solution for any piece to camera. The spring-loaded arm significantly reduces vertical shaking of the camera while walking.

3 axis gyro stabilisation

The Kenyon ‘KS-4×4′ 3 axis gyro resists directional change and brings stability by dampening out shakes and vibrations. The gyro can be used with heavier cameras and is very useful for filming on boats, cars or helicopters.

Showreel ‘Gyro stabilised DSLR’

Handheld footage comparison. Camera each time just pointed straight at the front wind screen of the car.
First the compact Panasonic HPX-250 P2 camera without stabiliser than the Canon 60D with the attached Kenyon KS-4x4 gyro. 0’45”

Camera: Thorsten Joses

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Cinematic look

Features, music clips and highlight videos are mostly shot in a cinematic style. Thor Productions are specialists in creating this highly sought after narrow depth of field ‘film look’. We use large sensor cameras, mirrorless cameras, DSLRs and DoF adapters to achieve this within the available budget.

film look achieved with A7s and DoF
‘Film look’ for budget conscious productions

Choosing the best camera for the job depends on the intended use of the video, the budget and the workflow of the production.

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are a great choice for smaller budgets and Sony’s A7s cameras have the added advantage to work very well in extreme low light situations.

For jobs that require faster workflows like documentaries, we like to use a top end DoF adapter in combination with a broadcast camera and 35mm lenses.

 If you like to find out more about DoF adapters, please visit our Cinematic ‘film look’ section

Showreel ‘Film look’

From footage shot for a documentary about the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 1’14”

For the documentary both DoF adapter and DSLR camera systems were used while the DSLR camera mainly provided support as a second locked off shot.

Camera: Thorsten Joses

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